Kid Merino by Crystal Palace Yarns, Merino wool, Mohair

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"Kid Merino Print" from Crystal Palace is so much more than just the variegated version of "Kid Merino Solid" that we're tempted to change its name! The solids are gorgeous in the multi-weight, nylon/mohair/merino blend, but when you add some of the most popular color combinations & complementary hues of the entire Crystal Palace collection, well, you get truly stunning results. "Kid Merino Print" will definitely make your lacy scarves, open-weave shawls, cuddly socks & soft wraps just breathtaking with its fabulous blend of 44% nylon, 28% kid mohair & 28% merino wool.

Starting with picture 2, going left to right

Blooming#8114 - variegated red orange purple and blue
Sherbet #9699 - variegated light pastels of cream, yellow, coral and blue
Fall Herbs #9809 - variegated tones of browns, burgundy and grey
Cocoa Blues #2001 - variegated cocoa brown and light blue
Night Lights #439 - Variegated black, red, purple, yellow,green and turquoise
Black 4678
Forest Tones #8012 - Variegated green and blue
Code Pink #9801 - variegated various tones of pink

Raisin Reds #2107 - Brownish red
Wild Clover #7187 - variegated dark red, fuchsia pink and royal purple
Chestnut #6017 - a very deep dark solid brown with hues of red
Strawberry Lime #432 - Various tones of pink and lime green

Vanilla Dream #412 - Cream with very light pastel green and yellow

lace fine
44% Nylon 28% kid mohair 28% merino wool
25 grams, .80 oz
240 yrds
Various needle sizes

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Care Instructions:
Hand wash and dry flat

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