32 Inch Premium Circular Bamboo Circular Knitting Needles by U-nitt

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This is for one 32 inch Circular Knitting Needle. Measured from tip of needle to tip of needle.

Once you try Bamboo knitting needles you will never go back. They are great. They have perfect round sharp needle points and give you that smooth knitting from the start. Different from other circular knitting needles, these bamboo circular needles are joined by solid nylon filament (Not hollow tube). Very strong. These needles are of high quality.

These circular needles are:

  • Comfortable to use
  • Flexible multi-strand steel cable coated with nylon
  • Naturally high temp/pressure cured for better mold/breakage resistance
  • Lightweight – you’ll be able to knit for hours with these
  • Quiet – no more disturbing noises.
  • Bamboo needles improve with age and grow warmer and smoother to the touch the more they are used.

US Size Metric Size

  • US 6 4.0 mm
  • US 7 4.5 mm
  • US 8 5.0 mm
  • US 9 5.5 mm
  • US 10 6.0 mm
  • US 11 8.0 mm
  • US 13 9.0 mm
  • US 15 10.0 mm

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