Flutter Print Eyelash by Knitting Fever (KFI)

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This most versatile eyelash yarn has been used for scarves or fringe. An awesome accent yarn that can be knit together with other yarns. This eyelash is a little different. It has 6 strands, that are chained together, then all 6 strands make up the eyelash. It repeats this pattern about every 3 inches.

Hayfield - has various tones of green and orangish brown
Teal - Teal and green
Zebra - Black, grey and white
Pastels - Green, lavender, pink and yellow
Seafoam - Sea green and brown
Glacier - Blue, pink and purple
Bronze - Various tones of brown, orange and red
Christmas - Green, red, purple and silver
Earth #55 - Various tones of beige and black
Peaches #17 - various tone of peach or light orange and yellow
Dovetail #16 - a light grey and pink
Red and Pink #46 - a medium red and pale pink
Grey #40 - a medium grey and light green with grey hue

Deep Purple #42 - various colors of purple

Moss #15 - light green and lavender

Fireworks #54 - bright blue, red and purple

Concord Grape 45 - various tones of purple and blue


100% Polyester
20 grams, .8 oz
75 yrds 69 m
various needle size

Retail Price: $5.99

Care Instructions:
Hand wash and dry flat

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