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A FABU is a boucle with wonderful color blends. This yarn can be used as an accent or will also stand on it's own to create a texture that's as delightful to the eyes as it is to the touch. Made in France for Muench

Autumn 4318 - Various tones of Browns and gold
Frost #4301 - Various tones of blue
Granite #4320 - Various tones of brown, beige and grey
Reds #4322 - Various tones of red and orange
Sunset # 4316 - Blue, orange, green, brown and burgundy
Rainbow # 4317 - Fuchsia purple, Lime green
Roses #4310 - Red, pink, grey and black
Embers #4304 - Rust, navy purple and brown

Heavy worsted 4
90% Viscose 10% polyester
50 grams, 1.74 oz
79 yrds 75 m
10 US needles

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Care Instructions:
Hand wash and dry flat

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