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Lash Ltd by Trensetter Yarns has set the world on fire and always will. Trendsetter's uses a high end polyester so that each group of lashes stays together and the ends open up just a bit to look like feathers.

These are grouped by at least one color is a shade of red, pink or purple, starting with second picture
Brown Blue #58 - Nay blue and brown
Rust Belt #17 - Medium blue and redish brown
Sea Sand #03 - Medium and light blue and brown
Sandy Sky #15 - Blue periwinkle and cream
Sky #09 - Teal and white
Blue Rust #59 - Dark blue and redish brown
Blue Pink #23 - Navy blue and Pink, which has a orange hue looking coral
Gypsy Rose #14 - Redish brown, mauve and blue
Turquoise #53 - Blue, teal and black
Desert #06 - Orange brown and a lighter medium brown

Burnt Orange. Brown and Blue #30 - burnt orange a light brown and medium blue

For more colors of Lash Ltd and Metal Lash Ltd:

100% Polyester
20 grams, .8 oz
72 yrds 67 m
various needle size

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Care Instructions:
Hand wash and dry flat

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