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"Metal Wink" is a 100% polyester, eyelash yarn with tons of sparkle. Eyelashes are clustered at intervals along the strand, making this yarn the perfect glittery carry-along. "Metal" is well suited for evening-wear, shawls, scarves and and as an accent in felting. It will not change the gauge of a yarn it is paired with. This eyelash fiber may be hand washed and dried flat.

Dark Chocolate #313 - deep rich dark brown with brown metallic
Yellow #300 - yellow gold with gold metallic
Green #305 - bright green with green metallic
Turquoise #302 - Turquoise with Turquoise metallic
Lime 306 - Lime green with green metallic
Willow #301 - willow green with gold metallic
Black - black with black metallic
Periwinkle - Periwinkle with blue metallic
Lavender - a dark lavender with purple metallic
Blue - a medium blue with blue metallic
Red - a bright red with red metallic
Dusty Rose with pink metallic
Pink - Pink with red metallic
Coral - Coral with coral metallic

100% Polyester
20 grams, .8 oz
84 yrds 77 m
various needle size

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Care Instructions:
Hand wash and dry flat

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