Ex Large Hand Knit Felted Purple Tote, Felted Purse

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This is great size Tote to carry all your extra stuff. Great for lugging your computer, or all the stuff that doesn't fit in your purse.

The purse is hand knit with 100 % wool, then felted to give it's wonderful texture. These purses are made on circular needles which means there are no seams. Since there are no seams there is no lining in the purse. I do put plastic in the bottom, to help the bag keep it's shape.

The Tote is a dark eggplant and variegated purple, green and purple

Base - 18 inches x 5 inches
Wide 18 inches at bottom, 14.5 at top
Deep 5 inches
Height 12 inches up to the hole for handle
Handle 5 x 1/2 inches

Care Instructions:

Put purse in a pillow case or laundry bag. Wash on a gentle warm cycle with the lowest spin you can choose on your machine. If you have a front loader do not use the spin cycle . If you are not able to use a spin cycle you will have to roll the purse up in a towel to ring out the excess water. Then stuff with towels or plastic bags and let air dry. Use a sweater shaver to clean it up. Just don't use it on any of the novelity yarn. Your purse will look as good as new.

Thanks for looking.
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